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Technical Analysis

Our goal is to identify the best looking chart with rising momentum giving you the perfect edge for high potential reward trades. We combine simple indicators (MA’s, RSI, MACD, etc) with options flow and our expertise to identify pressure points that will propel big moves.

Options Flow

US Options Market is one of the most active around the World, where you can have more than 1 Million trades per day. Many transactions are "hedges" others are directional bets that leverage big institutional portfolios. Our goal is pick only the best among the thousands of options trades.

Unusual Options Activity

What makes an activity "unusual" comes in many forms either on big implied volatility, open interest changes or big volume above the average (the most common). At SwatOptions.com we keep track on all kinds of unusual options activity and will provide you only the best.

Elite Trading Room

Includes Chat, Alerts Center (Audio and Visual Alerts on Open and Close trades) plus Swat Portfolio. Available on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Risk Management

its our #1 key to trading success, as every trade idea has an entry and and exits with defined risk. We look to take your trading to the next level not solely focus on charts and options flow, but also risk management to protect your cash.

Realtime Notifications

Open/Close trade alerts sent realtime to ETR Alerts Centre and Private Twitter. Can also receive SMS text notification alerts

Brand Since 2010



In 2007, Antonio starts trading in European markets and 1 year later moves to US Stock Market.

By 2010, starts trading US Options and creates SwatOptions.com, a diversified traders community which passion is Trading Options.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of the options industry, providing an unique place where traders get the latest and most profitable options trading strategies in the industry.

Our traders success is our top priority and our constantly expanding contents is proof of that commitment.

Our goal is to make options trading understandable and profitable for any trader.

With over 10 years market experience, we combine Options Flow with Technical Analysis that gives you an edge not found elsewhere

Over 7 years trade record with all winners and losing trades (Yes, real traders have losses!)

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Trading Options
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"I want to thank you for this subscription. I have only used it for 1-1/2 days so far, made only 5 trades in that time, and profited over $3,215!! WOW. This is the best subscription I have ever had. I am actually making money. What a concept. Profits!"

Mark Winkler

This was my best day ever. NFLX and BAC. I could buy a new car…It's just wild, today was 8 months worth of pay at Dicks sporting goods, this chatroom changed my life.

Michael Burton

Swat had members buying $GS 170 weekly calls @ .07 cents for a 500% profit in 20 minutes- SWAT is the real deal, so many great terrific people here - starting with SWAT.


@SwatOptions is the $SPX master lol hands down no one can predict this thing better then this guy


@SwatWeeklyTrade nice insight Swat once again you see what others dont!


Just did the math 7k this week! Unbelievable. Best week i've ever had


this is a fantastic chat.....kudos to you swat for gathering such an incredible group.



Dots for results


Chat, Alerts Module and Swat Portfolio with all Open trades for short and long term
Alerts Module with sound and visual alerts
Elite Trading Room works on desktop, tablet and mobile

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