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  • 2015.05.19 - YHOO TRADE REVIEW

    2015.05.19 - $YHOO TRADE REVIEW (200-400% profits in minutes) - Options Flow reading, entries, exits and risk management fully explained
  • 2015.05.03 - UUP FXE EURUSD

    2015.05.03 - $UUP $FXE $EURUSD video explains all details and Swat outlook for upcoming days/weeks and explains why he took a LONG CALL playing for bounce in coming days
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  • TSLA how tripled money

    $TSLA how we more than tripled our investment intraday at @swat_premium - technical analysis and all Swat details explain it - great educational material for both technical analysis and options trading 
  • How to benefit from Options Activity

    2015.03.08 - SwatOptions - How to benefit from Options Activity using OptionsFlux Tool - $NSR $BABA $LL $BMY $GOGO $CRUS $PCYC are some examples analyzed
  • 2015.02.22 - SWAT IMPROVEMENTS

  • 2015.01.09 - TWTR Trade Review

    2015.01.09 - TWTR trade at SwatOptions Premium Team gave more than 1000% profits to its traders - Trade Review and Swat explains all technincal analysis
  • 2015.01.10 - Swat Week Review

    SwatOptions Weekly Review #VIDEO - Jan.05 to Jan.09, 2015 trading - $SPY $MU $TWTR $IWM $FCX $GDX $GLD $KORS