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  • 2015.08.17 $TSLA TRADE REVIEW

    $TSLA #MEMBERS EXCLUSIVE VIDEO# Trade that made more than +150% profits explained to Swat Team - Swat levels were posted 2hr before market open and alert sent 7min before market open. All details explained on video.
  • 2015.05.03 - UUP FXE EURUSD

    2015.05.03 - $UUP $FXE $EURUSD video explains all details and Swat outlook for upcoming days/weeks and explains why he took a LONG CALL playing for bounce in coming days
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  • How to benefit from Options Activity

    2015.03.08 - SwatOptions - How to benefit from Options Activity using OptionsFlux Tool - $NSR $BABA $LL $BMY $GOGO $CRUS $PCYC are some examples analyzed
  • 01.05.2015 - CEMP Analysis

    $CEMP BIG GAP UP Jan.05, 2015 after upgrade to 32$ at Baird on postive data - Swat shows how was possible to antecipate and take a bullish position based on options activity @OptionsFlux
  • Swat Earnings Analysis Educational

    Swat nailed PETM, JACK, JMEI, DLTR, WSM, DLTR, GLOG, MRVL and much more Earnings trades reactions - Swat explains on this video, how he did, what to see and how to read it! Every detail revelead for SwatOptions Premium in 45min Educational Video.
  • 11.13.2014 - WMT ANALYSIS

    WMT had a big move higher after earnings report on Nov.13, 2014 - previous day, Swat Analysis nailed BULLISH outlook into earnings - Swat explains why he was bullish into WMT 
  • 15.11.2014 - YHOO TRADE

    YHOO trades this week gave Swat Team @swat_premium 160% profits on Trade #1 and 440% profits on Trade #2 - Swat explains both Options Flow and Technical Analysis that made jump in the trade