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♦ Swing Trade Ideas(at least 1-2 ideas per week) - Member Exclusive

 Professional Research with technical analysis and insight on options flow analysis (after market hours or before market open)

♦ Trade Reviews with technical analysis and/or options analysis

  • Jan.04, 2016 - Options Flow

    Some of today options flow that caught our attention
  • How to benefit from Options Activity

    2015.03.08 - SwatOptions - How to benefit from Options Activity using OptionsFlux Tool - $NSR $BABA $LL $BMY $GOGO $CRUS $PCYC are some examples analyzed
  • 09.17.2014 - SWKS Break review

    SWKS breakout and options flow nailed the move perfectly - how we read it and all trade review on video

    KO made HUGE move this week - why we antecipated the move and made huge $$$? See how read unusual options activity in OptionsFlux on EXCLUSIVE only ELITE VIDEO
  • 09.15.2014 - TAP UOA nailed it

    We detected UOA (Unusual Options Activity) on $TAP on past Friday, Sept.12, 2014, using OptionsFlux - stock skyrocket today, Sept.15, 2014 and our CALLs made more than 180% profts - Trade Review by Sw...