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♦ Swing Trade Ideas(at least 1-2 ideas per week) - Member Exclusive

 Professional Research with technical analysis and insight on options flow analysis (after market hours or before market open)

♦ Trade Reviews with technical analysis and/or options analysis

  • 07.25.2014 $Z BEAST nailed 48hrs before

    07.25.2014 - Z BEAST and we nailed it 48hrs before the move - See how and when on #VIDEO
  • 07.25.2014 $BIDU EPS rocket trade

    07.25.2014 - BIDU our trade into EPS just skyrocket - Swat explains why he insisted on load CALLs - #VIDEO
  • 07.24.2014 $HBI EPS trade doubled

    07.24.2014- HBI EPS trade doubled - see how on #VIDEO
  • 07.23.2014 $ISRG EPS Skyrocket trade

    $ISRG our analysis made us buy CALLs into EPS JUL.23, 2014 before open - CALLs skyrocket - see why on #VIDEO
  • 07.23.2014 $DAL EPS from OptionsFlux

    $DAL our analysis nailed perfectly the BULLISH outlook into JUL.23, 2014 EPS - stock skyrocket - see why - VIDEO