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  • 06.02.2014 $JNJ TRADE DETAILS

    $JNJ on Monday (June.02, 2014) we called new highs coming in stock - All details on UOA @OptionsFlux that made us get LONG position and make 268% PROFITS
  • 06.02.2014 $BA TRADE DETAILS

    $BA I insisted holging CALLs past week - We were red on Wednesday but closed 257% Profits on Friday - Why Swat insisted to hold? All reasons explained on video by Swat #ELITE #EXCLUSIVE
  • 06.07.2014 $APA TRADE

    $APA gave more than 300% profits to all Swat Team on early UOA call from Swat based on @OptionsFlux - Swat explains how he did it on EXCUSIVE VIDEO for ELITE TRADERS - ALL DETAILS
  • 06.04.2014 $GM 400% profits

    $GM CALLs today made us more than 400% profits - why did Swat alerted GM JUN.06 CALL 35.5 when they were at 0.25$? They went to an high of 1.31$ intraday - Why Swat said his target was at 36.8$ and th...
  • 06.02.2014 $CONN BULLISH into EPS

    $CONN - Swat explains to ELITE TRADERS why was BULLISH into Earnings today (Jun.02, 2014) based on UOA (Unusual Options Activity) from OptionsFlux