FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

10kChallenge its Swat goal on making $10k profits with a $10k account on monthly basis. The rules are:

  • Start with $10k cash account on day 1 each month
  • $1k per trade trade (unless Swat says less or more)
  • $2-3k per Scalp trade
  • Risk Management rules with 20-25% stop loss (each trader decision to risk more or less)
  • Trading from Monday-Thursday

INVESTMENT: $1,000 per trade and $2k for SCALP

RISK MANAGEMENT: its each trader decision to enter, hold or exit a trade, but our suggestion is 20-25% stop loss from entry price (example: bought contracts at 1$ –> stop loss at 0.75-0.80$)

Every trader its responsible for own trading, cut losses and profit taking.

On ETR, you will always know how much Swat invested and actual open trades (data available on Swat Portfolio)

Swat usually trades Monday to Thursday from 9:30am EST up to 4pm EST but on Elite Trading Room you can find traders every day ready to help and guide you.

Swat will share his own trade entries and exits directly on private twitter feeds:
– @SwatWeeklyTrade exclusive for “Day/Week Traders”

– @Swat_SPX exclusive for “SP500 Traders”

and posted live in Elite Trading Room (Alerts module)

Alerts sent via Twitter and Elite Trading Room are exactly the same!

You will be able to setup to receive SMS text notification alerts directly on your mobile by following instuctions HERE

All trades will have a ticker/symbol and hashtag with trade details

Swat will NOT give any exit target price (Swat will always try to maximize his profit so will follow both his own technical analysis and options flow to determine when to exit. Swat will always share his trade exits)

TRADE ENTRY EXAMPLE: “Swat #OPEN $AAPL JUN.02, 2017 CALL 152.5 with 10 contracts @ $1.05 (Avg.Price) #DayTrade”

TRADE CLOSE EXAMPLE: “Swat #CLOSE $AAPL JUN.02, 2017 CALL 152.5 with 10 contracts at $2.10 (Avg.Price). Trade PnL: $1,030 Profits (+100%)”

#DayTrade – Weekly Options Expiration – Can take few hours for up to 1-3 days duration (depends if momentum holds). RISK: $1k per trade

#SwingLong – Monthly Options Expiration – Hold trades up to 2-6 weeks (on average and depends if trend holds). RISK: 5% account per trade (If $20,000 account, invest $1,000 per trade)

#SCALP – Weekly Options Expiration – Hold trades for few minutes up to few hours (but trade to close same day). RISK: $2k per trade. Profit taking starts at 15%, 20%, 25% or more

#WATCH – Swat sees potential good trade. This is “Pre-Alert” and means Swat did not enter trade yet. You can get into the trade on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

#OPEN – Swat bought contracts and open new position. You can get into the trade on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

#TRIM – Means you can start taking profits and reduce risk. Swat suggests start taking 1/4 or 1/2 position before closing all trade.  You can lock some or all profits on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

#CLOSE – Swat sold all contracts and closed all position. You can lock some or all profits on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

If you didn’t subscribe yet, please check our available services.

If you already subscribed and your plan includes access to private twitter feed, please:

First, you need to have access to Swat private twitter page (please see FAQ)

If you already have access to private twitter feed, please follow instructions for SMS text notifications here

All payments are processed on 1st day each month, so your First payment will be prorated and next payment will be on day 1 following month. After that will be charged on day 1 each month.

Yes, you can Switch or Cancel your subscription at any moment.

In order to switch/cancel subscription, please login, go to “My Account“, go to “Subscriptions” and Cancel your active subscription.

If you want to select new subscription, after above procedure, go to “Services” and select new subscription.

On “Elite Trading Room” you will find Alerts Notification Center (to monitor open and closed trades) and Swat Portfolio (is updated every time Swat enters or close a trade) – Exclusive to ELITE TRADERS

ETR its available on both Desktop, Tablet or Mobile by access HERE

ALERTS MODULE you will be able to follow all Swat Alerts realtime. You can turn sound notifications ON/OFF and all unread alerts will be highlighted

SWAT PORTFOLIO allows every trader to see realtime Swat holdings: All trade details, plus amount invested and profit/loss