FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

10kChallenge its Swat goal on making $10k profits with a $10k cash account on monthly basis.

The rules are:

  • Start with $10k Cash account on day 1 each month (with Cash Account, you will not have daytrading limitations)
  • Trade from Monday to Thursday (no trading on Friday’s)
  • Normal Amount per trade: $700-750 with -50% Stop Loss (or lower)
  • Scalp Trade: from $1.2k up to 1.5k with -25% Stop Loss (or lower)
  • At end of each month, withdraw your profits and start with $10k Cash Account on day 1 following month.
  • Read more on our FAQ about “Stop Loss and Risk Management”

Please note, this is Swat Strategy suggestion, but each trader decision to risk more or less and each trader responsible to manage its own account.

INVESTMENT: $700-750 per Trade and $1.2-1.5k for SCALP

RISK MANAGEMENT: its each trader decision to enter, hold or exit a trade, but our suggestion is:

  • Normal trades: -50% stop loss from entry price (example: bought contracts at 1$ –> stop loss at 0.50$ or higher)
  • Scalp trades: -25% stop loss from entry price (example: bought contracts at 1$ –> stop loss at 0.75$ or higher)

Read more on our FAQ about “Stop Loss and Risk Management”

Every trader its responsible for own trading, cut losses and profit taking.

Swat developed his own Risk Management strategy during the last 10+ years of trading. Some key Swat takes:

  • Never use “Market orders”: Swat always use “Limit Orders”
  • Avoid “Hard Stop Orders”: when Swat is in front of computer, he NEVER uses Hard Stop orders. He always uses “Mental Stops”, so he manage position and if see trade going against him, only than he will set a Limit Order and cut losses. Swat only uses Hard Stop Orders when not in front of pc.
  • Cut Losses and Move into next trade: every trader has losses but the secret is implement risk management strategies, cut losses, focus and move into next trade
  • On wide bid-ask spreads, Swat usually set limit order a little above middle price. Per example: Bid = 2 and Ask = 4, so Middle price = $3. Swat will set limit order to buy at $3.05 or $3.10
  • Ask yourself “How much am I willing to risk and lose?”

Lets say, you invest $1k per trade and your maximum risk is 300$ loss on that trade. You have some alternatives:

  1. Invest $1,000 per trade and stop trade for -30% loss or
  2. Invest $600 per trade and increase stop for -50% loss or
  3. Invest $300 per trade and let trade run

In All above situations, your maximum loss will be only 300$ per trade.

Ask yourself which strategy you prefer to use and stick with that strategy.

Swat usually trades Monday to Thursday from 9:30am EST up to 4pm EST (no trading on Friday’s).

Swat will share his own trade entries and exits directly on private twitter feeds:

– @SwatWeeklyTrade exclusive for “Day/Week Traders”

– @Swat_SPX exclusive for “SP500 Traders”

and posted live in Elite Trading Room (Alerts module)

Alerts sent via Twitter and Elite Trading Room are exactly the same!

You will be able to setup SMS text notification alerts directly on your mobile by following instuctions HERE

Swat will NOT give any exit target price (Swat will always try to maximize his profit so will follow both his own technical analysis and options flow to determine when to exit. Swat will always share his trade exits)


DayTrades – Weekly Options Expiration – These are default trades. Can take few hours for up to 1-3 days duration (depends if momentum holds). RISK: $700 up to $1k per trade (depends on each trader risk).

Swing Long – Monthly Options Expiration – Hold trades up to 2-6 weeks (on average and depends if trend holds). RISK: 5% account per trade (If $20,000 account, invest $1,000 per trade)

Scalps – Weekly Options Expiration – Hold trades for few minutes up to few hours (but trade to close same day). RISK: $1.5k up to $2k per trade. Profit taking starts at 15%, 20%, 25% or more

Potential trade: If Swat sees potential good trade he will send one “Pre-Alert” just for you give it a look . This means Swat did not enter trade yet. You can get into the trade on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

Entries – Swat will let you know when he bought contracts and open new position. You can get into the trade on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

Take profits – Swat will let you know when he start taking profits and reduce risk. Swat suggests start taking 1/4 or 1/2 position before closing all trade.  You can lock some or all profits on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

Exits – Swat will let you know when he sold all his contracts and closed all position. You can lock some or all profits on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

If you didn’t subscribe yet, please check our available services.

If you already subscribed and your plan includes access to private twitter feed, please:

All payments are processed on 1st day each month, so your First payment will be prorated and next payment will be on day 1 following month. After that will be charged on day 1 each month.

There are several platforms to easily exchange USD to Crypto Currencies.

Step 1: You can create FREE accounts at:

Coinbase https://www.coinbase.com

Bitcoin.com https://www.bitcoin.com/ 

BitStamp https://www.bitstamp.net/

BitPanda https://www.bitpanda.com/

And many more!

(SwatOptions.com has some experience using Coinbase.com and never had any issue. Please check Coinbase How to Use video https://youtu.be/V4WMAPXuHVg)


Step 2: After create your account, you can fund it with USD or EUR and exchange it for BTC or LTC.

Step 3: After your account is funded and you exchanged your USD/EUR into BTC/LTC, you are now ready to Send or Pay with Cryptos anywhere in the World!

Yes, you can Switch or Cancel your subscription at any moment.

In order to switch/cancel subscription, please login, go to “My Account“, go to “My Subscriptions” and Cancel your active subscription.

If you want to select new subscription, after above procedure, go to “My Account” and “New Subscription” to select new subscription.