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Get options and stock ideas realtime notifications! We look to take your trading to the next level!

Not solely focus on charts and options flow but also risk management to protect your cash.

  • Get Swat personal trades, market commentary and make them your own ​
  • Exclusive access to follow Swat trades and professional analysis in realtime. ​
  • Make smarter trade decisions on your trading plan as the day unfolds ​
  • Risk Management its our #1 key to trading success, as every trade idea has an entry and and exits with defined risk ​


Get Swat's premarket daily trading plan on 10-12 daily charts

Your complete Stock Trading Plan

  • Swat provides 10-12 daily charts premarket with support and resistance levels to trade against ​
  • Our goal is to identify the best looking chart with rising momentum giving you the perfect edge for high potential reward trades. ​
  • Swat combines more than 10 years as professional trader with simple indicators (MA’s, RSI, MACD, etc) plus options flow to identify pressure points that will propel big moves. ​


US Options Market is one of the most active around the World, where you can have more than 1 Million trades per day.
Many transactions are "hedges" others are directional bets that leverage big institutional portfolios.
Our goal is pick only the best among the thousands of options trades.
  • At SwatOptions.com we keep track on all kinds of unusual options activity and will provide you only the best ​
  • Sweep Tracking Aggressive orders where buyer is willing to scoop up a lot of option contracts what usually triggers momentum. ​
  • Our proprietary tools hunt them and our experience gives you only the best trades. ​

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In 2007, Antonio starts trading in European markets and 1 year later moves to US Stock Market.

By 2010, starts trading US Options and creates SwatOptions.com, a diversified traders community which passion is Trading Options.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of the options industry, providing an unique place where traders get the latest and most profitable options trading strategies in the industry.

Our traders success is our top priority and our constantly expanding contents is proof of that commitment.

Our goal is to make options trading understandable and profitable for any trader.

With over 10 years market experience, we combine Options Flow with Technical Analysis that gives you an edge not found elsewhere

Over 7 years trade record with all winners and losing trades (Yes, real traders have losses!)

"Only traders with Patience, Hard Work, Dedication, Discipline, Risk Management and Open Mind will succeed. Never give up!!"

Swat (Oct.19, 2017)
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