$BB – BlackBerry Limited review and Trade Idea – ELITE plan exclusive!                                         



$BB – BlackBerry Limited has been seeing bull flow accumulation for possible stock breakout into new highs

Options Flow – Yesterday (Jan.02, 2018) sees 9,565 contracts add to Mar.16, 2018 CALL 13 from 0.3s into 0.4s and big LEAP with 14,851 contracts add on Jan.17, 2020 CALL 12.5 at 2.6s for about $3.9M premium.

Technical Analysis – Stock looking for breakout above 12.36 and may run into 13++ coming months.

Levels to watch – Above 12.05 watch breakout above 12.36 and run into 13++

Trade idea – Long Mar.16, 2018 CALL 12 at 0.8s (or lower) or Long LEAP Jan.17, 2020 CALL 12.5 at 2.8s  (or lower) as safest bet