$SQ – Square, Inc. review and Trade Idea – ELITE plan exclusive!                                         



$SQ – Square, Inc. starts seeing some bull flow trying to put a bottom around 35-36s area and may bounce back up.

Options Flow – Yesterday (Jan.02, 2018)  sees some accumulation into CALLs up to Feb.16, 2018 CALL 40 at 0.6s. Also has big call accumulation on Mar.16, 2018 CALL 35 with more than 11,500 contracts holding for over $4.2M in premium

Technical Analysis

Levels to watch – Above 36.3, watch 36.8-37s big resistance area. Above 37s, watch possible run into 40s and can resume higher back into 45s. Stock also has open gap to close up to 48s, so stay open mind…

Trade idea – Long Mar.16, 2018 CALL 35 at 3.8 (or lower) or Long Mar.16, 2018 CALL 36 at 3.2 (or lower)

On Mar.15, 2018, those MAR.16, 2018 CALL 35 are at 19.5$ for +413% profits and MAR.16, 2018 CALL 36 are at 18.5$ for +478% Profits