We use Cash Account with $10,000 (or more) or alternatively Margin Account with Daytrading authorization (more than $25k)

(Please contact your broker to know more about “Cash Accounts” that don’t have daytrading limitations)

Normal size: $1,000 per trade (on average).

“Lotto Trades”: 200-300$ per trade

IF Swat buys more or less than $1,000, he will notify he is adding more contracts. Otherwise, assume default $1,000 per trade

Notifications sent Monday to Thursday from 9:30am EST up to 4pm EST

All notifications are sent directly to SwatOptions Trading App available for Mobile (iOS and Android) and Desktop (Windows and Mac).

We do not have private Twitter feed neither email notifications.

No, we do NOT have Private Twitter Feed neither email notifications available.

All notifications are sent directly to Swat Trading App

OPEN – Swat will let you know when he bought contracts and open new position with “Open Trade” alert. You can get into the trade on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

TRIM – Swat will let you know when he start taking profits and reduce risk with “Trim Position” alert. Swat suggests start taking 1/4 or 1/2 position before closing all trade.  You can lock some or all profits on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

CLOSE – Swat will let you know when he sold all his contracts and closed all position with “Close Trade” alert. You can lock some or all profits on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

UOA – Unusual Options Activity – Swat is monitoring all US Options trades going into the market and he will share unusual options activity that catch his attention and he thinks can give a good trade.  You can get into the trade on this post or not. Always each trader decision and risk!

Trader Notes: Swat notes can include: news, actionable trade ideas, market analysis, stocks to watch, support/resistance levels or any other relevant information to help your trading.

If you didn’t subscribe yet, please check our available services.

If you already subscribed, please:

  • Login at
  • Go to My Account and select How to Start

We can have  zero or 10 trades per day depending on market conditions!

No, you do NOT need $25k in your account to daytrade as that only applies for Margin Accounts.

Please contact your broker and ask to change into CASH ACCOUNT.

Wish Cash Account you do NOT have daytrading limitations and can daytrade as much you want and while have cash on account. Money settlement overnight and next day can start all over again.

(For reference, ETrade and TD Ameritrade both have Cash Accounts)

Swat considers -15 to -20% Stop Loss (or lower, as is set case-by-case)

Swat developed his own Risk Management strategy during the last 10+ years of trading. Some key Swat takes:

  • Never use “Market orders”: Swat always use “Limit Orders”
  • Avoid “Hard Stop Orders”: when Swat is in front of computer, he NEVER uses Hard Stop orders. He always uses “Mental Stops”, so he manage position and if see trade going against him, only than he will set a Limit Order and cut losses. Swat only uses Hard Stop Orders when not in front of pc.
  • Cut Losses and Move into next trade: every trader has losses but the secret is implement risk management strategies, cut losses, focus and move into next trade
  • On wide bid-ask spreads, Swat usually set limit order a little above middle price. Per example: Bid = 2 and Ask = 4, so Middle price = $3. Swat will set limit order to buy at $3.05 or $3.10
  • Ask yourself “How much am I willing to risk and lose?”

Lets say, you invest $1k per trade and your maximum risk is 300$ loss on that trade. You have some alternatives:

  1. Invest $1,000 per trade and stop trade for -30% loss or
  2. Invest $600 per trade and increase stop for -50% loss or
  3. Invest $300 per trade and let trade run

In All above situations, your maximum loss will be only 300$ per trade.

Ask yourself which strategy you prefer to use and stick with that strategy.

At end of each week, Swat moves profits into Savings Account.